Learn Muay Thai Fundamentals

Be empowered

Say goodbye to overwhelm and self-doubt. Learn step by step, without fear of holding others back. Your journey starts at a comfortable pace, allowing you to grasp skills thoroughly. With time for questions and deeper understanding, you’ll emerge with confidence, competence, and readiness to conquer our General Muay Thai classes.

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Handwraps / Towel

Everyone starts somewhere

Unfortunately the ticket to entry to something new is being not-so-great at it. Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable, hesitant, even afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone. But there are many beautiful things that come with the willingness to try, and one of those is growth… Apply this to other areas in life, and the possibilities become abundant.

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Dickhead Free Zone

July 18, 2023 | Training

No one should feel afraid or intimidated about getting started in a combat sports club.  We are ego free, bully free, and dickhead free. We've experienced first hand what it's like to be around those types, and we want nothing but to be as far away as possible from them!

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The importance of vetting new members

November 9, 2022 | Community

Let’s talk about something that at times, is hard for people to understand. Everyone wants to train, but sometimes people may not be the right fit for what we do, and how we do things.

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Why Muay Thai Defies The Modern Age

March 22, 2023 | Training

Uber Eats – Hot food at your door within half an hour. Swipe left, swipe right – Tee up a date tonight. Need a ride – A car

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