The importance of vetting new members

November 9, 2022 | Community

Let’s talk about something that at times, is hard for people to understand… Everyone wants to train, but sometimes people may not be the right fit for what we do, and how we do things.

Too many times have I seen someone roll in off the streets, talking about their street fighting record, how many bar fights they’ve had, and how they’re ready to become the next world champion. *Eyeball roll*

…Or the other is someone that is a specialist in the field of knowing it all, who has watched every movie and is a Youtube specialist. They go into a class only to annoy other members off and the coach has someone that oversteps the mark when it comes to who is actually the teacher in the classroom.

Sadly, the two examples I use are only the first two that come to mind, but you get what I mean.

Culture is built on sharing standards, practices, goals, common interests, and attitudes.

Martial arts are built based upon respect, patience, consistency, dedication, and resilience.

Clubs are structured based upon like-minded people, eager to learn, knowledgeable coaches, and most importantly of all, systems and processes that make operations smooth and professional.

We’ve had the pleasure of learning a lot over the years, and in our tenth year of operation, reflecting on some tough decisions we’ve had to make such as becoming “Members Only” and choosing to individually vet each and every new member, has been single-handed, some of the best two decisions we’ve ever made.

Why? Because it weeds out the people who aren’t necessarily here for the right reasons, perhaps not likeminded, don’t fit the culture and in the long run, will only cause headaches for members and coaches alike.

Everyone wants to do their first session to see what coaches, classes, and community is all about, however, THE MOST important step, here at Champions Gym occurs before ever stepping foot on the mats, with a one-to-one conversation to see:

1) if we can assist a member with achieving their personal goals,
2) they will be a good fit for the community, and
3) most importantly be a good fit for what they’re looking for!

Now, this may go against the grain for the traditional “drop-in”, “do a class free” model of traditional martial arts schools but the tribe and people that make it up are the lifeblood of a great club and something that takes time, care, and standards to build.

We live in an age where no one wants to talk to anyone and I understand that more than anyone. But in order to get started with something you truly care about and want to invest in, it pays to take the time to better understand and go through them to get started on the right foot.

Still not sure or want to learn more? Shoot us a text at 0481 169 801 or simply drop your details here to get started!

My Team and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Pamorn Martdee
Champions Gym

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