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Definitely not. Sure, martial arts can be dangerous, but our job is to keep you safe, structure your learning, provide constant feedback and guidance to ensure you grow, progress, and develop at your own pace. If you want to take training more seriously, you can. For our general classes, contact is minimal, in a controlled environment.

None! We understand that everyone learns at different stages and needs care, attention and focus to achieve long term success. Our job is to equip you with the tools required for success and 80% of people come to us with little to no experience.

Taking the first step when starting something brand new is always the hardest.

Will I be fit enough?
Will I know anyone?
Will I be any good?
Will I get hurt?

All very common questions we hear a lot from people starting out. For us, it’s about putting ourselves in your shoes to ensure we can reduce fear and anxiety, equipping you with the tools, skills, and knowledge to feel competent, and confident…

We all have to start somewhere. Taking the plunge usually allows that anxiety to melt away and then you see how fun it truly is!

Our coaches strive to make you feel welcome to our tribe.

New place, new faces, we get it. Can be the scariest thing you ever do.

We’ll introduce you to the others in the class, get you moving and sweating, getting you started slowly, but surely.

After a few months you can start to notice increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass & overall fitness.

Following on you will notice see-it-in-the-mirror results, compliments from friends/family & a healthier, and a more efficient heart.

After a year or more, expect Increased life expectancy, better bone density, and mental health.

Eventually, you will get to a stage where you will step up to find new challenges outside your comfort zone, whilst coaches guide you through the process, keeping you accountable and pushing you to what you thought was possible.

Definitely not. That’s like asking:

“Do I have to be smart before going to school?”

Remember, our job here, is to help you – No expectations, judgment, no egos.

From the first time you step  through the door, we’ll show you the technique, break things down so they are easy to understand.

Our goal is to help you build a baseline of understanding that’s is fun, and takes your mind off getting fit which makes it so enjoyable and gets you seeing results so much quicker!

Everyone is on their own journey, so there is no need to compare yourself to anyone -Go at your own pace, there is no pressure!

Aside from a water bottle, towel and comfortable workout gear, we recommend you invest in the following essentials for general classes:

1) Handwraps
2) Boxing gloves
3) Skipping rope

Intermediate/advanced classes may require additional equipment – See your coach for more info.


Each club has The Armoury™ stocks a range of apparel, equipment and essentials for your training experience, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

We have a range built over a decade, hybridised for perfomance in gym and aesthetics on the streets, withstanding the demands of training whilst helping you achieve your goals.

All equipment has been tested by fighters. Stock up on the latest merchandise and training essentials!

We understand everyone is at different points in their journey, and want to ensure that we can help make a decision before committing.

Let us explain why and what may be best for you, below:

FREE TRIAL – For those who know what they want, and want to see if our club will be right for them, this would be done in a select class available on the timetable. (Places are limited to 5 weekly)

FIND A PROGRAM – We have programs that provide much more than just a free session, before committing as a member. This is popular for people who are stuck, unsure, or need a little guidance when starting out. The first step is to chat with a specialist and see if/how we can help.

Our job is to help you find the best solution. 👉 Choose here!

We ask for a minimum of 3 hours/week. This ensures you can keep up with the curriculum, keep improving, and see noticeable changes in physical condition. 1-2 sessions a week are simply not enough, and we often say you are probably wasting your time.

This principle alone, has helped our members achieve tremendous results.

In 2012 we started as a predominantly Muay Thai, and Boxing club.

Over time, we realised that the athlete could perform, but were injury prone, unbalanced and could be so much better.

Through investment in university scholars, world-class coaches, and programming, we developed a program of Strength & Conditioning that is great for daily functional fitness, improving body composition, performance, and injury management prevention.

Today, we pride ourselves as specialists in Boxing, Muay Thai, Strength & Conditioning, something truly unique to Perth.

A few, simple and easy to follow:
1) No shoes on the tatami mats.
2) Be kind, and courteous.
3) Bow/touch gloves at the start and end of a partner exercise.
4) Don’t walk through a class in progress.
5) Keep your shirt on, unless advised otherwise.
6) Don’t spit or use foul language!
7) Don’t forget your towel.
8) Keep your equipment clean at all times.
9) Leave your ego at the door!
10) We’re all here to learn, go at your own pace – No expectations

We understand not everyone wants to fight, but may want to progress, with milestones in their journey as they dive deeper into their chosen discipline.

We remove the personal discretion of a coach, and put the onus on the member to do the work and prove they are ready to progress.

There are little to no internationally recognised accreditation systems for Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength and Conditioning. Being in operation for over a decade, winning more than 14 state, national, and world championships we have developed and fortified our programs that are skill, theory, fitness, and performance-based.

Martial arts are a journey with no finish line, and allows continual growth and progression for life.

80% of people train for health, fun and lifestyle, whilst 20% of people will eventually want to challenge themselves. Our clubs are inclusive regardless of your aspirations. We understand that not everyone is destined to get in the ring, but still want to enjoy the physical, mental, and social benefits of training. For those that do want to step up and challenge themselves in the oldest proving ground, they have the option to train, prepare and compete in a competitive arena.

Once upon a time, it was an open invite. We found there were a lot of distractions, random people, drop-ins, committed/not-so committed, sometimes here, sometimes not …There were simply too many variables when it came to achieving success together.

In order to create a tribe with likeminded interests, we needed to attract likeminded people, focused on achieving similar outcomes.

We decided to become members only. Today, we are proud to stand as a Member’s Only Club with a thriving community of all walks of life.

Our guarantee is that if you don’t change and try something new, you will stay the same, or with time, will be worse off… (We don’t want that).

If you are coachable, commit, show up, and do the work, following our programs, you will reap the benefits of results you never thought possible.

Over time, you will keep improving with likeminded with coaches, and a community who push you to become your best.

We offer three levels of skill here at Champions Gym and are separated according to ranking across our Muaythai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning classes. They are:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced / Fighter levels

80% of classes on the timetable are beginner general classes, so don’t worry about being in a class full of killers. (They are in the other classes)

Absolutely. We’ve been competing in major Muay Thai and Boxing events on an amateur and professional level in WA, around Australia and the world since 2012.

We’ve been instrumental in debuts for hundreds of men, and women wanting to challenge themselves in the ultimate proving ground, jumping the top rope.

We pride ourselves on an exciting fight-style based upon finesse, IQ, strength, grit and sportsmanship – A match-winning combination attributed to winning a combined 14 championships across state, national and world level.

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