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The body was made to move… Whether it was fighting for survival, hunting for food, or defending loved ones, there’s no doubt our bodies don’t move nearly as much as what they should in the present day. Break the habit of being sedentary, awaken the beast within, and build an animal to tackle the concrete jungle like never before.


There are many reasons why you might be looking to build physical strength. You might be recovering from an injury, acting on a doctor’s advice, training for a marathon or physical challenge, or, like most people, you might just be looking for a bit of extra confidence in how you look. But, as many people come to find out, building physical strength and conditioning your body is not always an easy matter.

If you’re looking for strength and conditioning training in Perth, you might feel somewhat intimidated by the thought of going to a regular gym. You might have an image in your head of a gym filled with muscle-bound men, essentially an overgrown boy’s club. If this sounds familiar, we might be exactly the sort of place you are looking for!


Everyone can benefit from our strength and conditioning training. Whether you’re an average person who’s seeking weight loss or fat loss, want to build muscle and strength, need to rehabilitate an injury or you’re looking for injury management or prevention, we can help. It’s also a necessary element for athletes who want to improve balance and co-ordination, gain strength and increase their power and explosiveness.


As athletes, we are always looking for opportunities to build strength and conditioning training into our exercise regimes. Our classes are excellent ways of fostering muscle strength and building agility, as well as cultivating greater mental focus and endurance. But we recognize that not everyone will want to get in the ring straight away, if at all. That’s why we offer a professionally led sports science designed program of strength and conditioning with a clear structure to ensure optimum physical development.

Key components of our strength and conditioning classes across Perth will include:

  • Strength training using our high-quality muscle-building equipment.
  • Plyometrics – a type of exercise training that looks to build speed and force condition your muscles rapidly.
  • Endurance training to build up stamina, mental fortitude, and greater confidence.
  • Core conditioning and training to build a strong and steady foundation for your body as you lose weight and get fitter.
  • Team training – one of our favourite pastimes is to work together as a community to build each other up and celebrate our successes together!

For nearly ten years, we’ve been building a community of trainers and members who all have a desire to train and develop in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our trainers combine both traditional training and modern teaching techniques to draw the best physical performance from you while maintaining your confidence and enthusiasm.

But our professional trainers are, in large part, supported by our fantastic members as well! Everyone who comes through our doors believes that strength training in Perth can be for everyone and that there is no challenge or personal difficulty too great that cannot be overcome with support and encouragement. Very soon, you too will join this community and help to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and personal drive!


We understand that your main motivation for attending our Champions Gym is likely to be based around your physical fitness. But don’t forget about the mental benefits too. By taking part in regular exercise, you’ll find that you develop increased confidence and self-esteem as you become stronger and master new skills. You’ll also discover that it’s a great way to reduce the stress of everyday life – especially as it gives you time and space to switch off and concentrate on what you’re doing in that exact moment.


Getting to experience our unique and extraordinary strength and conditioning gym in Perth is only a few clicks away. Follow the link on our homepage to find our application form, give us a few details about yourself and wait for us to give you a call. Once your application has been accepted, we’ll get in touch to work out which of our plans would suit you best. We know that everyone has different requirements, whether it’s to do with fitness levels, accessibility, or other specific needs, along with budgets and schedules. Whatever your needs, we have the right membership plan for you! But spaces fill up quickly, so fill out your application today!

If you would also like to get more information about our Boxing Classes in Perth or Muay Thai Classes in Perth, get in touch with our friendly staff!

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