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The exercises involved with Boxing training allow for a total body workout including cardiovascular, muscular and mental development. Whether its exerting that daily stress, hitting leather in style or just wanting to burn calories, then Boxing is for you!

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Boxing shoes – Not compulsory (Must be clean) / Handwraps / Towel


Boxing has a long history of being overwhelmingly dominated by large, muscle-bound men. It’s no wonder, then, that there are many different kinds of people who do not feel that it is something they can enter into, even if they know there are aspects to it which they would benefit from. It’s an image that is very difficult to shake and requires a great deal of effort to modernize.

At our gyms, we’ve brought a new kind of boxing to Joondalup. We’re passionate about reinvigorating boxing by developing a wider community of trainees from many different backgrounds, different abilities and genders, all of whom are ready to deliver a great atmosphere to train in. What’s more, we have the expertise and understanding to train all kinds of people safely and effectively.


Boxing isn’t just a sport for big men hitting each other in a rage. There are a great many other ways you can use boxing to build strength, physical endurance, and mental focus. It can be done safely and supportively, and it can be a fun activity where you may find new friends as well as a better relationship with your body.

  • Strength building

When we work with you to train for boxing classes in Joondalup, it is purpose-led. Where traditional gyms often leave you to pump away at weights and machines, our trainers will be looking for ways to specifically target muscle groups used in boxing.

  • Physical endurance

Stamina is built in several different ways when training for boxing. You will be taught how to breathe as you strike, how to keep your core protected when you receive a blow and how to keep energized as you move about the ring.

  • Mental focus

This is one of the most important parts of boxing. A lot of what you will be learning will be to do with reading body language and reacting accordingly. You cultivate a huge amount of mental resiliency as you try to keep your wits about you.

  • Emotional fortitude

You may already be aware that many people use boxing as an opportunity to deal with their emotions. This can apply to anyone – whether you lack self-confidence, have to deal with stress at work, or need a place to escape, boxing is a brilliant way to build control and positive relationships as you train.

All of this is delivered not just by our professionally trained, highly knowledgeable coaching team in our purpose-built boxing gym in Joondalup but by the community members themselves. Everyone who steps through our doors believes that training should be a positive experience, and we’re happy to say we have been consistently successful in this!


If you are ready to take on a new challenge and become part of an inclusive and positive community of like-minded individuals at Champions Gym, then be sure to get your membership application for boxing training across Joondalup today. Click on the link on our homepage, fill in a few details about yourself and wait for our phone call. Once your application has been accepted, we’ll get in touch to find out a little bit more about yourself, including any personal requirements, challenges you may be facing, and what kind of budget you are looking at. In the spirit of inclusivity, we always strive to accommodate new members. But spaces are limited, so you’ll need to act quickly to secure your place at our brilliant boxing club in Joondalup. Apply today!

If you would also like to get more information about our Strength & Conditioning classes in Perth or Muay Thai Classes in Perth, get in touch with our friendly staff!

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