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The exercises involved with Boxing training allow for a total body workout including cardiovascular, muscular and mental development. Whether its exerting that daily stress, hitting leather in style or just wanting to burn calories, then Boxing is for you!

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Boxing shoes – Not compulsory (Must be clean) / Handwraps / Towel


For many people, the idea of signing up for boxing classes might seem ridiculous. They might imagine that all gyms for boxing in Osborne Park are filled with professional boxers, intimidating MMA fighters and people you might not want to meet in a dark alley! It’s an image that has been difficult to shake in boxing and fighting for many years.

However, we’ve made it our mission to bring a new image to boxing training, and this is something we want everyone to get involved in! Whether you are young or old, male or female, physically fit or working your way towards it, we want you here! It’s high time boxing was given a new face and community that fosters positivity, security, and inclusivity.


One of the things that may hold people back when it comes to boxing classes in Osborne Park is that they might sometimes feel that it is just about getting hit or hitting other people. We can’t pretend that’s not part of it. But it is about a great deal more.

Every type of exercise is fundamentally about breaking down, reshaping, and building up muscle. Boxing does this like no other sports or physical activity. Benefits of boxing include:

  • Weight loss

Not only does it burn calories at a significantly higher rate than walking or jogging, but it gets rid of belly fat quicker than many other activities, which is very important in reducing health risks like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

  • Builds strength

It is a complete body workout, and through any given session, you will be using all of your muscle groups, continuously strengthening your core and conditioning your muscles for strength, rather than just a pretty image in the mirror!

  • Builds mental resilience and self confidence

Many people come to our boxing gyms in Perth with the belief that they won’t enjoy sparring. However, the truth is that the longer one works at sparring, the more enjoyable it becomes. That’s without mentioning the fact that as you train for boxing, you will begin to look and feel better within weeks, which is vital in building self-confidence and boosting your self-esteem.

  • Reduces stress

Taking part in regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress. By scheduling in a dedicated time to switch off from the demands of everyday life and concentrate on the here and now, you’ll find that you’re better able to cope with stress.

This boxing training in Osborne Park is delivered by one of the best coaching teams in Western Australia. For nearly a decade, we’ve enlisted some of the best trainers and teachers from the area, all of whom have an encyclopaedic knowledge of old school training and modern coaching techniques. This makes for a positive, dynamic learning experience for all members and is integral to fostering an inclusive and encouraging environment in which everyone can thrive.


To get started with your membership application, simply follow the link on our homepage and fill in your details. Very soon, will be in touch with you to get an idea of what kind of requirements you have, whether it’s accessibility, health needs, financial issues, or particular personal challenges you may be facing. We’re sure we have the plan for everyone – all you need to do is get your application in. Places are limited, and we only open them up for a short time, so apply today to secure your membership and look forward to joining the best boxing club in Osborne Park!

If you would also like to get more information about our Strength & Conditioning classes in Perth or Muay Thai Classes in Perth, get in touch with our friendly staff, here at Champions Gym!

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