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Get a full body workout

Intermediate and Advanced Muay Thai classes are also available ; however do not appear on the timetable as they are by invitation only.

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Handwraps / Shorts / Towel


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to defend yourself and get fit into the bargain, you may want to try Muay Thai training in Joondalup. At Champions Gym, we specialise in activities that will get you strong and fit and give you the techniques you need to defend yourself, should the need ever arise. We offer classes in Muay Thai in Joondalup that will teach you the skills you need and empower you to be the best you can be! When you join Champions Gym, you’ll develop perseverance, consistency, physical and mental strength and self-confidence – while having a whole lot of fun!


You may have heard of Muay Thai but you’re not sure how it compares to other martial arts, so let us tell you more. From its origins in Thailand, it’s grown into a popular form of combat sport throughout the Western World. At our Muay Thai gym, Joondalup members will learn all about the ‘art of eight limbs’ as we teach you how to use your fists, elbows, knees and shins to fight off and defend yourself from your opponent.

We believe Muay Thai is a great way to upgrade your normal fitness routine with a sport that combines, skill, engagement and excitement while toning up your body, developing your coordination and building some muscle. It also gives you the challenge you need to help improve your self-confidence, boost your self-esteem and handle the stresses of everyday life. Taking part in our classes offer you the opportunity to switch off from the outside world, forget about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow and simply live in the now as you concentrate on improving your Muay Thai practice in Joondalup.


Champions Gym has been built with one thing in mind – and that’s to provide a safe space where you can learn and develop your skills, whether in Boxing classes, Kickboxing classes or Muay Thai across Joondalup. When you join our members-only gym, you’ll become part of a supportive and non-judgemental community and gain access to some of the best resources and trainers in the area.

At our Muay Thai Club near Joondalup, we select our coaches with great care. Not only must they have extensive experience in both practising and teaching Muay Thai, but they need to have the interpersonal skills to enable them to fully engage with their students. We teach Muay Thai in its most authentic form, using a combination of old-school training and modern techniques and ensure our classes are fully inclusive for members of all ages and abilities.

Whether you’re already a Muay Thai devotee or you’re a complete beginner, we’re here to take you to the next level through intensive teaching and positive feedback. We’ll also give you nutrition and lifestyle advice to ensure that you’re really making the most of the benefits of training with us.


To join our Muay Thai classes near Joondalup, simply get in touch with us by booking a discovery call and chatting with one of our friendly team. We also offer classes in boxing, kickboxing and strength and conditioning training and have a varied timetable so that you can easily fit classes into your schedule. Taking up Muay Thai is a great way to get fit, develop a more disciplined attitude to life and make some good friends along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a novice, intermediate or Muay Thai champion, you’ll find no better place to practise Muay Thai near Joondalup than at Champions Gym!

Improve Reflexes

Develop Speed & Agility


Toning & Conditioning

No matter your level, we will help you become the best you

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