From Self-Conscious to Confident: Mikaela’s Triumph

January 17, 2024 | Training

We have a pretty cool story to share… One of our members Mikaela, 26, a recruitment administrator, recently won the eight-week body composition challenge, taking out the $1000 prize. Here is her story going from super self-conscious to finding a newfound sense of confidence. (See her results below)

“Okay, Mikaela, the champion of our eight-week challenge. Let’s dive into your experience. What were some of your fears before starting at Champions Gym?”

“I was afraid of getting hit in the face, of making a fool of myself. It felt a bit intimidating at first, but those fears are long gone now.”

“Tell us about your first class. How did you find it?”

A smile played on Mikaela’s face as she recalled, “I started crying while waiting to begin, but once we got into it, the community was fantastic. Everyone was so welcoming. I felt comfortable pretty quickly.”

“And what’s been one of your favorite experiences during your time at Champions Gym?”

“Definitely the friendships I’ve formed. Coming to class, learning new tricks, and feeling the support—it’s one of the best things.”

“Tell us about your personal achievements to date.”

Mikaela beamed with pride, “Completing the eight-week challenge is a big one. I haven’t stuck to something like this before, and I’m proud of my commitment and the positive results.”

“Outstanding. Now, what would you say was the biggest factor in your success?”

“Simply showing up,” Mikaela replied. “Even when things got tough, just being there was the hardest part, and it made all the difference.”

We delved deeper, “How has this impacted your personal life?”

Mikaela reflected, “I didn’t think I could do it when I decided to join the challenge last minute. It was a last-minute decision, and it proved to myself that I can actually achieve something. It’s been empowering.”

“What advice would you give to someone nervous or new to this?”

“Give it a go,” Mikaela urged. “It’s worth it. I decided on a whim, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

“Now, let’s explore who Mikaela was before joining Champions Gym and who she is now.”

“I was a bit self-conscious before, lacking confidence,” Mikaela confessed. “Now, Champions Gym has given me more confidence, physically and socially. Finding a good community makes it easy to flourish.”

Mikaela, the once hesitant newcomer, now stood as a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the transformative power of dedication and community support at Champions Gym.

Here are Mikaela’s results:
Body Weight: 67kg > 65.2kg (Lost 1.8kg)
Body Fat Percentage: 22.3% > 16.9% (Lost 5.4%)
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 28.9kg < 30.2kg (Increased 1.3kg)
Biological Age: 24 > 23 (Lost 1 year)

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